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All natural coconut and coconut oil

Our story starts out in Sri Lanka. After witnessing the post-tsunami victims, it was clear that we needed to do something to support those in need of help. This prompted up to partner up with one of the leading not-for-profit organizations called The Foundation of Goodness which provides support to thousands of rural communities.

We are actively involved in our mission to help provide access to a better education for rural children.

Additionally, by providing skills training to women, we can help them find better employment opportunities and thus help them live a better life and provide for their families in a dignified manner.

One of the areas of the social upliftment causes leads us to get involved in the coconut trade which not only is one of the best food product on earth but also helps create sustainable employment for rural women.

This is how Nature’s Goodness came about!

Today, we are an organic marketplace that focuses on selling USDA organic coconut oil, flour, and 100% natural juices.

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